HTC-made Nexus tablet confirmed via AOSP, Chromium issue tracker

FlounderThere have been quite a few reports about the rumoured HTC Nexus tablet, which is arriving this year. Thanks to some clever sleuths at Myce and XDA-Developers, we finally some concrete evidence to support the HTC Nexus 8 claims.

Folks at Myce were first to spot a new device codenamed “Founder” in the Chromium issue tracker. Although there is not much information present in the issue tracker, it does confirm that Google is working on a new Nexus device, which will have the code-name “Flounder.” Founder codename is also in-line with previous Nexus codenames, which were always based on fish names and Flounder is a fish.

Folks at XDA-Developers have dug deeper and found couple of mentions for “Flounder” in Android 4.4.3 (KitKat MR2) changelist in the AOSP source code. The changelist reveals that HTC is the manufacturer of “Flounder” codenamed Nexus device, which when combined with the rumours about HTC Nexus tablet, makes it fairly certain that “Flounder” is the HTC Nexus 8 tablet.HTC FlounderOther details about HTC Nexus 8 are still a mystery but according to previous reports, the tablet will be released in Q3 and might include Intel processor.

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