LG V400, V700 tablets appear at FCC, expected to arrive soon

LG seems to be preparing two new Android tablets, which will succeed the company’s G Pad 8.3. Carrying the model numbers V400 and V700, these tablets were spotted in FCC database, which suggests that they are close to release.

LG V400 seems like G Pad 8.3 and will likely be a direct successor to the tablet. V700 on the other hand, looks to be a larger tablet, probably with a display around 10-inches.

The FCC database doesn’t reveal any details about these tablets but a previous leak suggests that the tablet will run on Android 4.4 and come in Wi-Fi only version. The V400 will reportedly feature a 3MP rear camera and 1MP front, however V700 will come with 5MP rear camera and 1MP front camera.

We shouldn’t have to wait longer for the official unveiling and these tablets might be announced alongside G3 smartphone, which is expected around June.

To remind you, LG has only launched two Android tablet till date, the ill-fated LG Optimus Pad and the G Pad 8.3 but the company surely looks to be planning an expansion this year.

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