Leaked screenshots reveal revamped Optimus UI, to debut in G3

LG G3 Optimus UI screenshotsAs we head closer to the release of LG G3, new leaks have started appearing online and the latest one reveals the company’s revamped Optimus user-interface, which will debut in G3.

As per a report in Digital Trends, LG is making Optimus UI leaner and flatter and as you can see in the images, it looks far better than the previous iteration.  Unlike the new version of Touchwiz, which saw tweaks in just a few parts, LG seems to be opting for a full revamp of Optimus UI.

Here are some of changes that can be spotted in the leaked screenshots:

  • Flatter and brighter icons
  • Redesigned weather widget with suggestions like “take an umbrella because rain is expected”
  • Revamped quick-settings
  • Cleaner notifications

Digital Trends also notes that LG is including a Google Now like recommendations service, which will collect information from various sources, take into account consumer usage patterns and then recommend actions. It will probably be present on left-most home-screen like Google Now in Google Now launcher, as is being suggested by “G” icon in the left of scroll-indicator dots.LG G3 Optimus UI

To remind you, LG G3 is expected to be announced in June or July with availability soon after. The phone will come with Quad-HD display, KitKat, and 13/16MP rear camera.

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