HTC-made Nexus 8 rumoured to arrive in Q3: Report

Google Nexus tablet backDigitimes is reporting that Google has partnered with HTC to build an 8-inch Nexus tablet, which will start shipping in Q3, 2014. This report matches with a previous Commercial Times news story that stated that HTC has won the Nexus 8 orders from Google.

According to Digitimes, Google wanted a new design and also, Asus wasn’t aggressively pursing the orders for Nexus 8, thus the search giant has gone with HTC. Asus now wants to focus on self-branded devices.

“Google partnered with Asustek for the first two generations of Nexus 7, but for the next-generation model, the Internet giant is considering adopting a new design and therefore has switched to a new partner,” supply chain sources told Digitimes.

The details about Nexus 8 are unclear right now but the tablet is expected to include full HD display, 2GB of RAM, 5MP rear camera and the latest version of Android. As per a rumour, Google is going with Intel Bay Trail chip in Nexus 8 but we can’t be certain.

If HTC indeed builds the Nexus 8 tablet, it will be the third Android tablet from the company till now and first in over two years.

In other Nexus tablet rumours, Google is also reportedly working on an 8.9-inch Nexus tablet for launch tablet this year, which will come with 2560x1600p display. It will go on sale around the same time as Nexus 8.

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