Specifications of Motorola’s upcoming budget smartphone leaked online

Moto EAs you would remember, there was a statement from Motorola Mobility’s former CEO Dennis Woodside that suggested that Motorola was working on a smartphone even cheaper than Moto G. Looks like the first bit of information about this smartphone has appeared online.

Brazilian website Tecnoblog.net has published a screenshot, which allegedly shows the specifications of Motorola’s upcoming budget smartphone. This screenshot reveals that the phone, which will have model numbers – XT1021 (single SIM), XT1022 (dual SIM) and XT1025 (dual SIM with digital TV), will come with a 4.3-inch display, dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and Android 4.4. The phone will also reportedly pack 5MP rear camera, front camera, 3G, FM Radio, 1900 mAh battery and more in just 6.2mm thick chassis.

There is no confirmation on the final branding of the phone but Tecnoblog.net states that it could be dubbed Moto E.

The smartphone is supposed going to be announced next month and will get a pricing less than Moto G. There is no word on when it will be released in the Indian market but when launched the dual-SIM version of phone will probably retail around INR 7-8,000.

One comment

  1. Just the other day, while on the topic of the alleged $100 Mediatek phone from Google, I
    remembered about the sub $100 phone that the Motorola CEO had spoken
    about a few months earlier. And now we have leaks on that within 24
    hours LOL!

    Having said that though, I’ve been reading that the
    pricing in Mexico is likely to be over $200! That’s really weird. If it
    does come to India, unless they price it significantly lower than the
    MG, can’t see it being as successful, especially, seeing as the new
    Google phone is going to be better spec’ed and cheaper.

    In any
    4GB storage is way too little for 2014 no matter how cheap the phone is, especially seeing Motorola’s propensity not to include a Micro SD card slot. Paying
    1000/1500 more for extra 4GB storage (for an 8GB variant) also doesn’t
    make much sense when 8GB storage costs just ~300 at the retail level and much lower for the bulk buying OEMs. Maybe they should look at an 8GB variant for not much


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