Android TV revealed, Google’s next attempt to rule the living room

Android TVGoogle’s first attempt to enter your living room “Google TV” was a failure, the company however saw success with Chromecast and now, it seems to be getting ready for another chapter in the living room chronicles with Android TV.

According to a report in The Verge, which has exclusively got hold of some alleged internal Google documents that talk about Android TV, major video content providers are already working on apps for this upcoming TV platform.

Google is keeping the platform strictly for entertainment and is not making it too geeky. “Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform. It’s all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction,” explains Google in the internal documents. As you can see in the images embedded in the article, which are screengrabs from an early-build of Android TV, the platform will be similar to Amazon Fire TV and other set top boxes.

The overall interface of Android TV is card-based, which will represent various content types like movies & TV, apps and games.

“While Android still lives under the hood, the interface will consist of a set of scrolling “cards” that represent movies, shows, apps, and games sitting on a shelf. You use a remote control with a four-way directional pad to scroll left and right through different suggestions, or up and down through different categories of content, each with their own shelves,” The Verge explains.

Like Fire TV, Android TV will also support voice input and game controllers. There is notifications support too but Google seems to be limiting it.Android TV

Other key details about Android TV

  • No support for telephony, cameras, touchscreen support and NFC
  • Ability to resume content you started watching on a phone or tablet
  • Universal and app-specific search
  • Consistent interface across apps

Android TV might be the next big living room adventure from Google but the company will also keep Chromecast alive. So, if you want a cheap no-frills media-streamer, Chromecast is for you, however if you need something with more features and support for like casual gaming, Android TV is the way to go.Android TV

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