Google Search app now supports “Play Some Music” voice action

Google Search Voice Action Play Some MusicThe latest version of Google Search app on Android includes some nifty new voice actions. We have already told you about image capture and video recording voice actions but there is another new voice action – “Play Some Music.”

You can now say “Ok Google,” “Play Some Music” and Google Search app will open Google Play Music and play “I’m feeling lucky” mix or radio depending on the availability of All Access. For this to work, you will obviously need to have Google Play Music app on your Android device.

“Lots of driving ahead this weekend and already bored of listening to the radio? To get a surprise mix of music, just tap the mic (or say “Ok Google”) in your Google Search app and say “Play some music.” You’ll get an “I’m feeling lucky” radio station assembled based on your recent listening,” Google noted in a Google+ post.

In addition, Google Search now also supports “Ok Google” hotword for German, French and Australian English users on Android.

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