Flipkart teases Moto X India launch, wood-back versions incoming


After Moto G, Indian e-retail giant Flipkart is now getting ready to launch Moto X in partnership with Motorola in the country. It started teasing the phone on its social media channels earlier today. The company also stated that that it will be introducing launch day offers for Moto X buyers similar to what it has done with Moto G.

In addition, Flipkart has revealed that two wood-back variants of Moto X will be put on sale alongside the normal plastic versions.  This is certainly a good news for Indian consumers, who in the absence of Moto Maker had no option for customisation.

Update: Flipkart has added more details about Moto X versions in India. It has stated that there will a total of five colour options (Black, white, royal blue, cherry, turquoise) and two wood back versions (teak and walnut).


There is still no word on the exact date of Moto X India launch or the official pricing, which we anticipate is going to be around INR 24,499.

Originally introduced in the United States in August last year, Moto X features Motorola’s X8 mobile computing platform, 4.7-inch 720p HD display, 2GB of RAM, 10MP rear camera, and Android 4.4 (Flipkart has confirmed that Moto X India version come pre-installed with KitKat). The phone also comes with 2200 mAh battery, 16GB of internal storage, NFC, and the usual set of connectivity options.

On the software front, Motorola has kept the things mostly stock, however the phone still includes some nifty customisations like Active Display, Touchless control, Motorola Connect, Migrate, Quick Capture, and Assist.

Moto X Walnut and Teak wood backs
Moto X Walnut and Teak wood backs


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