Whatsapp Android app updated, new privacy settings in tow

Whatsapp PrivacyWhatsapp has finally updated the Google Play version of its application with new privacy features for last seen, status and profile photo. It had already released these changes as a part of the version available on its website. The new version (2.11.186) also brings host of other features and improvements.

Full change-log for Whatapps v2.11.186

  • New privacy settings for last seen, profile photo and status
  • Camera shortcut for quicker picture sending
  • Ability to pay for a friend’s WhatsApp service
  • Large video thumbnails in chat
  • Option to show unread messages on home screen widget (Android 3.0+)
  • Option to share/save profile photo/group icon
  • Increase message history user can send
  • Fix sending flag emoji on Sony phones
  • Fix voice note recording volume on Samsung Note 3 and Sony phones
  • Enabled Hindi (Android 4.1+)

We always recommend using the Google Play version of Android apps, so if you had updated to the APK provided on Whatsapp website, you should revert to the Google Play version.

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