Sony’s Socialife news reader now available for non-Sony Android phones

socialife Sony has released an updated version of its Socialife news reader app in Google Play, which brings support for non-Sony Android smartphones. If you own an Android smartphone running on Jelly Bean or above, you will be able to install the Socialife app from Google Play. Sony however is still not supporting Android tablets from other manufacturers.

“Socialife News is a news reader app with over 13 million downloads, aggregating a variety of news as well as Facebook posts, Twitters and YouTube videos into a beautifully designed layout for high-speed viewing,” Sony noted in a press release.

A competitor to the likes of Sony Play NewsStand, LinkedIn Pulse, and Flipboard, the app comes with the following features:

  • Check your Facebook posts, Tweets, YouTube videos, blog posts, and interesting news articles in one central place.
  • “Featured”: Find variety of news feeds by leading publishers. By tapping “+” you will instantly start subscribing to your favorite sources.
  • VKontake account support in some countries or regions
  • Bookmark favourite Facebook and Twitter posts and news articles
  • Widget to show content of choice

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