New HTC One detailed in a 12-minute video

Thanks to the leaks so-far, we pretty much know everything about the HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone but it is always nice to see the phone in action. A 12-minute video walkthrough of the HTC M8 has appeared online, which shows the phone in detail and also compares to the existing HTC One.

As you can see, HTC M8 is certainly more rounded than the HTC One. Also, we now know that M8 will come with a microSD card slot, which was only present in the dual-SIM version of the HTC One. This is certainly a welcome addition and will be appreciated by the consumers.

HTC February sales down 36.5 percent

In related news, HTC has posted the sales data from February and according to the company, its February sales fell 36.5 percent from a year earlier. The Feb-numbers are also down 25.3 percent on the monthly basis.

We don’t see the sales growing in March too as HTC One successor isn’t expected until the later part of the month. HTC could see some positive news in April but it will be facing some real competition from Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2.

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