Google+ user profiles go ‘missing’ from Google Play reviews

Google Play reviewsSome of you might have already noticed that the Google+ user details are missing from Google Play reviews. As of now, Google Play is just showing “A Google User” for every user review on the Play Store.

Normally, user reviews are identifiable as they are linked to the users’ Google+ profiles but probably because of some bug in Google Play, user reviews are no longer linked to any Google+ profile.

We are hoping that Google is at work to fix this issue, which although minor, needs to be fixed as it could create issues in support for developers. The problem currently seems to be only prevalent with the web version of Google Play and the device-clients are still showing user details.

Google is yet to acknowledge the issue but we are actively tracking the story and will update as soon as we hear something.

Google Play game category expansion is delayed

In related news, Google was supposed to expand the game categories in Google Play last month but it seems to have been delayed. As per the Android Developer help section, Google will now be making the change sometime this month.

To remind you, Google had originally announced the news in December 2013 and had asked developer to specify the new categories for their games in Google Play.

Here is a look at the new game categories – Action, Adventure, Arcade, Role Playing, Simulation, Strategy, Puzzle, Casino, Casual, Board, Family, Trivia, Word, Racing, Sports.

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