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New Moto G 16GB stock is here, Flipkart to start shipping soon (update)

Note: Check updates at the end.

Cheer up Moto G 16GB buyers, in case you are waiting for your Moto G unit, it should be heading out to your home soon.

We have just received word that a new lot of Moto G 16GB units is here and Flipkart will start shipping these very soon, most probably by tomorrow (if not is already shipping). If you are one of the consumers, who had booked the phone after the first and second batch, which have already been shipped, and have got the shipping email, let us know in comments.Moto G

To remind you, Moto G went on sale at Flipkart on February 6 and the initial 16GB stock was sold out within a matter of minutes. The company has since been taking reservations (sort of a paid pre-booking) for the phone and will start shipping these orders based on their order time from the latest stock.

As the latest stock includes just over 4,000 units of 16GB Moto G, we don’t see all 16GB buyers getting their shipments, some might have to wait a little longer (for the next stock – Check update below).

Moto G 8GB does not seem to be too much in demand and is still in stock on Flipkart and a new batch of over 5,000 units has also come in. So, 8GB is not going out of stock anytime soon.

Update (Feb 17): More stock for Moto G 16GB version is here. Flipkart has got 11,500 more units of the 16GB version.

Update (Feb 20): Flipkart has got 4,800 more units of the 16GB version.

Update (Feb 23): Cheers, Flipkart has imported 29,600 units of 16GB Moto G model and 18,100 units of 8GB model over the last couple of days. This should clear any pending back-log of the existing orders.

Update (Feb 26): 9,500 more units of 16GB version are here.

A quick recap of key Moto G details

Moto G Specs: 4.5-inch HD display, Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, Android 4.3, 5MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera.

Price: INR 12,499 (8GB), INR 13,999 (16GB)