Motorola-made alleged Google smartwatch prototype leaked

We recently heard that Google’s smartwatch project is real and we could be seeing the company’s first smartwatch as early as Google I/O 2014, which is happening in June. There were another report, which suggested that it was LG that was manufacturing the smartwatch.

Now, Android Police has published images of a Motorola-made prototype smartwatch, which it claims was supposed to be the Google Smartwatch but apparently that did not work out. There is no word on why this particular prototype was shelved, whether it was the Lenovo deal or some other reason, we won’t be seeing a Motorola-made Google smartwatch.

“According to our anonymous source, the device was allegedly going by the name Google Watch, with the official code name Gem, and fell into the Nexus category of devices. Whether a future watch will keep the codename Gem is uncertain,” Android Police noted in its report.

Here is a look at the images:

As you can see, it is a typical smartwatch design with no much to be excited about. We can’t see any of the interface but there is something called 3-bit apps in one of the images, which indicates some kind of low-graphic battery-saving apps but we can’t be certain in the absence of more information.

Anyways, we will have to wait for Google I/O 2014 for a real peek at Google’s smartwatch. Whether it is LG or Motorola, whoever is building it, we hope that it is step up from the existing crop of smartwatches.

In related news, Motorola has stated at MWC that it is working on wearables and the company will introduce multiple wearable devices this year including a smartwatch.

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