Panasonic teases P31 India launch, specifications revealed

Panasonic P31Panasonic India has started teasing the launch of its new P31 Android smartphone on its social media channels. The company also sent out a press note containing the teaser, which states that P31 will be arriving next month in the country.

As you can see, Panasonic has not revealed any specific details about the smartphone in teaser apart from the gesture play unlock but we have all the details for you.

We have spotted the P31 promo video on YouTube, which reveals that Panasonic P31 will come with a 5-inch FWVGA (854x480p) oleophobic (smudge-free) screen, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 3G and Wi-Fi. The phone also packs GPS, 8MP rear camera, and front camera.

In addition, Panasonic is pre-loading apps from Evernote, India Today, Hungama and ReadWhere on the P31, which will come with free content worth INR 10,399.

There is no word on the pricing right but we expect it to retail under INR 10,000 when it goes on sale in March.

To remind you, Panasonic currently sells five Android smartphones in the country, all of which are entry-level or mid-range devices.

Update: The video has now been removed from YouTube. Here is an image of the phone from that video.Panasonic P31


      • Don’t you think that these phones with outdated hardware with Jelly Bean in tow will make less and less sense by the day as and when the wonderfully spec’ed (for the price) Asus Zenphones are released in the next few months?

        First came the hugely underwhelming LG LIII series, and now this. Slower hardware, outdated Android, bloatware infestation – don’t these companies want to stay relevant? They are the first to complaint that they’re losing money on smartphones, but they are not even trying hard enough to earn a place in the hearts of the consumer! What am I missing here?


      • All this is just re-branded stuff as Panasonic is no longer making phones. So, there is hardly any thinking or planning going in the company boardrooms. They are releasing smartphones just for the sake of being present in the market. They have seen the same work for Indian smartphone vendors and now they want a slice of that pie.

        PS: Sorry about the oleophobic part, have now added smudge-free now.


      • Google has done a fine job by making the KitKat run on lower end devices with low memory usage, but this manufactures are not waking up ,they are not even trying !! This is like IE6 case, Microsoft and developers had to beg the users to abandon the older version. I hope the same thing wont happen with Android.


  1. What happened to the rumour about Google ‘banning’ manufacturers from releasing new phones with outdated os versions??? 😦


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