WhatsApp to add voice-calling service in Q2, 2014

WhatsAppWhatsApp is ready to get in the voice-calling arena and will launch the new service in Q2 of this year. The messaging service already allows users to send voice-messages but that is the end of the company’s voice-offerings right now.

With the introduction of voice-calling, WhatsApp with go head-on with likes of Skype, Viber, BBM and other messaging services, which already offer voice-calling.

According to Jan Koum, who is CEO of WhatsApp, the voice-calling will first come with Android and iOS, followed by BlackBerry.

He did not state the specifics of the service like whether it will allow consumers to call normal mobile or landline numbers or will just be for the WhatsApp to WhatsApp communication. We think WhatsApp will keep it simple and will only offer WhatsApp to WhatsApp calling.

Koum also revealed the latest WhatsApp numbers at his MWC keynote today. According to him, WhatsApp now has 465 million monthly active users and 330 million daily users. The total numbers of users seems to be grown by 15 million in just a matter of days. To remind you, Facebook has recently announced that is acquiring WhatsApp for 16 billion dollars. This news has fuelled a sudden interest in WhatsApp from all over and that seems to helping the company in acquiring new users.

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