Google updates Play Music app with offline radio support and more

Google Play MusicGoogle has released a new version of Play Music Android app in Google Play earlier today. The updated version is rolling out now and brings host of new features including support for offline radio playback, my devices section and more.

The most important change in this update is undoubtedly the introduction of “My Devices” section in the app, which was earlier only available in the web interface and users were forced to visit the web interface to de-authorize any device. If you use Google Play Music on many devices like phones, tablets, Google TV and Android game console then it is very easy to cross the ten device limit and you will have to de-authorize device to use Play Music on a new device.

The other major change in “Offline Radio” support, which although only valid for select countries, is a welcome change. Earlier, Radio stations were not available for caching for use in the absence of data connectivity.

Other key changes in the latest version of Play Music

  • Play Next support in the app
  • No more duplicate Chromecast listings
  • Cast button moved from top to bottom
  • New options in sidebar menu
  • Shuffle options in Listen Now

PS: Google Drive has also been updated, not sure what has changed

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