Google Voice Search now allows you to make calls based on relationships

Ok Google Call MomGoogle has added a nifty new functionality to Voice Actions on Android that makes it even easier to call your relatives. Now, you can just say “Ok Google, Call Mom” and Google will call your mother and the same works with other relations like Wife. You can also send texts the same way – “Ok Google, send a text to my wife.”

As Google doesn’t know who your mother or wife is, you will have to associate a contact to a relation the first time you are using a voice action to call or send text to any relative.

Google explains:

Want to save time keeping in touch with your loved ones? Or just not drop your phone or your shopping bags whilst you try to find a number to make a call? You can skip scrolling through your contacts and just say to your Android phone “Ok Google, call Mom” or “Ok Google, send a text to my wife.” Starting now, the Google search app on your Android phone will be able to pull up the right contact for you—and if you don’t have Mom saved as “mom,” it’ll help you set that up quickly.

The feature seems to be US-only for now as we have tried multiple times and it doesn’t work for us. If it works for you outside US, do let us know in comments.


  1. It works perfect for me (India) . First you have to check the Contact recognition under Google Now — > Settings –> Account & Privacy! 🙂


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