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ZTE to launch Grand S II, Iconia Phablet & BlueWatch at CES 2014

ZTE LogoZTE has announced that it will be unveiling a number of smart devices at the coming week’s CES trade event. The company recently sent out a press release revealing some of these announcements.

First, ZTE will showcase its new Grand S II smartphone, which features the company’s voice-control technology, triple-mic for noise reduction and more. Details will be revealed at CES.

Next up are the global versions of nubia Z5s and Z5s mini, the company will be releasing them simply as nubia 5s and 5s mini internationally. You can read more about the specifications of these phones here.

In addition to these three smartphones, ZTE will also be announcing the new Iconia Phablet with dual-core processor, 5.7-inch HD display, Gorilla Glass, wireless charging support and Dolby Digital sound. It will most probably be competing with Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 3 Lite smartphone.

ZTE’s CES 2014 outing isn’t just limited to smartphones, the company will also be debuting its first smartwatch at the event in the form of BlueWatch. According to ZTE, Bluewatch features a built-in pedometer, and records and analyzes data around the clock, giving users access to interesting “quantified self” information like body fat percentage. The watch tethers to a smartphone via Bluetooth, enabling on-wrist control of calls, content, photography, and social media access.

“ZTE has been developing a portfolio of fantastic consumer electronics on top of the smartphones for which we’ve become well known. This year, we shall be focusing on pairing unique designs with unparalleled technology in order to offer customers the best possible experience at an affordable price,” said Mr. Zeng Xuezhong, ZTE EVP and Head of the Mobile Devices Division.

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