Red Nexus 5 expected to launch on Feb 4: Report

Red Nexus 5After some very convincing leaks recently, the Red coloured Nexus 5 is getting closer to the actual availability. If a leaked internal document from US telecom operator Sprint is to be believed, this new colour version for Google Nexus 5 will be available beginning February 4.

We are yet to see an official announcement but if the Sprint document is indeed accurate, we will probably see a small statement from Google and LG on February 4th itself along with immediate availability in Google Play.

We have already seen that the actual Nexus 5 stocks in Red colour have started arriving, so there is practically no reason for Google or LG to delay the release.

To remind you, this will be the third colour option to be available for Nexus 5 smartphone after the White and Black variants, which have been available since the original availability.

Thanks to a very attractive pricing, Nexus 5 continues to be a very great option for anyone looking for high-end Android smartphone and will remain so in the near future.

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