Google updates Android Device Manager & Play Books apps in Google Play

Android Device Manager and Play BooksGoogle has released updates for two of its Android applications – Play Books and Android Device Manager in Google Play.

Talking about Android Device Manager update first, Google has now included password prompts at the time of application start-up and account change to increase the security of this very critical application. In addition, the update includes performance enhancements and bug-fixes.

You can grab the updated Android Device Manager from Google Play.

Coming to Google Play Books update, the search giant has re-introduced the PDF and EPUB upload within the app, which was earlier removed due to premature inclusion. So, you can again start uploading e-books or other PDF files to your Google Play Books account on-the-go..

Other changes in Google Play Books update:

  • Settings and Help have moved to the main navigation menu.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes, including a fix to prevent the screen from sleeping while the app is reading aloud.

Grab the updated app from Google Play.

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