Leaked image shows Nokia Android phone’s interface

Nokia Android interface@evleaks has shared an image showing the rumoured Nokia Normandy (codename) smartphone running on a forked version of Android. The user interface is clearly different from what we normally see on Android devices although some elements seems to have been taken from Facebook Home (not much though).

This is the second such leak showing the interface of Nokia’s forked version of Android, the first leak however didn’t show much. You can also see that Nokia is not using on-screen navigation buttons and there is only one physical (or capacitive) navigation button the smartphone.

Another interesting detail, which can be deducted from this image is that these particular renders have been made for Indian market (look at all those Indian names). This suggests that if the phone ever makes it to the market, we can expect to see it in India, which makes sense too as this is going to be a budget smartphone, which will be targeted at the local Indian smartphone vendors that have eaten up Nokia’s lunch with their budget Android phones in the country.

How many of you are waiting for this phone, let us know in comments. Also share your thoughts on the user-interface.


    • installing the play store on your own is no big deal..
      what i’m more intereseted is given 4.4 is being used, they must’ve gone as per google’s hardware recomendations to make it wok smoothly on even a low end like an asha…
      i certainly wouldnt mind buying one just for the heck of it if this thing if done right..
      come on nokia release it already..
      Microsoft dont be a b***h and spoil this at the last minute…


  1. Waiting…. I was always waiting for a Nokia-android, good quality hardware with openness of Android, I hope they add playstore to it, or maybe we can change the default ROM.


  2. The Lock Screen has Meego style notifications- you can swipe to access the notification which takes you to the relevant app. Looks promising!


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