LG Lifeband Touch announced, available this spring

LG Lifeband TouchLG has officially announced its fitness accessory Lifeband Touch today. A competitor to the likes of FitBit and Nike Fuelband, this LG accessory is water-resistant and can keep track of the user’s calorie consumption, steps walked and other fitness related stuff.

According to a Korean language press release from the company, Lifeband Touch also comes with a touchscreen OLED display, which can display the fitness related stuff as well as incoming call details from the synced phone, direct the phone to play music and work as a watch.

Lifeband Touch will work with most Android devices, however it will need the presence of Bluetooth 4.0 as well as LG’s fitness app on your Android device.

Pricing and availability details are unclear at this moment, which are expected to be shared at LG’s CES press conference scheduled for later today.

Update: At its press conference just now at CES, LG has revealed that Lifeband Touch will go on sale this spring in the United States. LG Lifeband Touch

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