Acer unveils new Iconia A1-830, B1-720 Android tablets

Acer Iconia A1-830
Acer Iconia A1-830

Acer has started its CES 2014 campaign with the announcement of two new Android tablets today. Part of the company’s Iconia series, the new tablets are basically upgraded versions of Acer’s previously unveiled Iconia A1 and Iconia B1 tablets.

The new tablets carry the model numbers Iconia A1-830 and Iconia B1-720 and will be available in March and mid-January respectively.

According to a press release issued by the company, Iconia A1-830 features a 7.9-inch 1600x1200p (4:3) display, 1.6GHz Intel Atom Clover Trail+ processor, Android 4.2.1 and 1GB of RAM. The tablet also packs 16GB of internal storage, microSD card slot, as well as front and rear cameras.

Iconia A1-830 has been priced at 169 euros (or 140 GBP, $179) and will be released in Wi-Fi only variant initially.

Acer Iconia B1-720
Acer Iconia B1-720

Coming to Acer Iconia B1-720, it features a 7-inch display of unknown resolution, 1.3GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, microSD card slot and front camera. It will be released in both Wi-Fi only and 3G + Wi-Fi (Iconia B1-721) variants and will cost 129 euros (107GBP, $129) and 179 euros (148GBP).

Along with the new tablets, Acer has also introduced Acer Crunch keyboard and Crunch Cover accessories, which can be used with A1-830 tablet.

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