LG G3 to come with fingerprint scanner: Report

File photo. Image Credit: AP

South Korea media continues to be the main provider of leak and rumours about LG and Samsung’s next flagship smartphones. After the recent reports, which suggested that LG G3 will come with LG-made octa-core processor, QHD display and 16MP camera, we are now hearing that LG is also testing a fingerprint scanner, which might be included in LG G3.

Korea Herald reports that according to industry sources, LG is currently testing a prototype of G3, which includes a fingerprint scanner and it will be a swipe-based scanner, unlike Apple Touch-ID.

This report also confirms the previously leaked specifications, which we have noted in the first para of this report, and adds that G3 will run on Android 4.4 (not surprising at all). Herald however states a different launch timeline than what we have been hearing until now. According to Korea Herald, LG will showcase G3 along with its other products at Mobile World Congress, and not in second half of the year as suggested by other Korean publications.

The announcement at MWC seems a little off considering that LG G2 was announced in August and went on in September, which was just four months ago. Unless LG is planning to have two flagships in a year, launching a flagship within six months of the last one doesn’t make sense for the company.

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