Chromecast to go international next year: Report

chromecastGoogle is planning to take Chromecast to international markets next year. This media streamer is currently US-only device and consumers all around the world want Google to launch it in their country.

“Making Chromecast more widely available around the globe is one of the company’s biggest goals for the device in the coming year, Google VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz told Gigaom in an interview recently. “We are going to be launching in a number of international markets,” he added.

One of the main reasons why Chromecast is US-only right now is that the apps support is very limited and most content apps that support Chromecast operate in US or select other countries, so Google most likely will first try and expand the app availability before thinking of international expansion.

Mario has told Gigaom that Google is currently trying to finalise the Chromecast SDK, so that every publisher is able to make content castable from their app or website. At this moment, Google has shared the SDK with select partners, thus the limited number of apps.

The final SDK is expected to be released for public early next year.

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