KitKat present on 1.1 percent of Android devices a month after launch

Android Platform dataGoogle has released fresh Android platform numbers and as you can expect Android 4.4 has made an appearance. According to the latest numbers, KitKat is currently present on 1.1 percent of the active Android devices, not bad for a version that has debuted just a month ago and is currently only available on Nexus, Google Play edition devices and Moto X.

Coming to other Android versions, Jelly Bean has continued to go up, it is now running on 54.5 percent devices, followed Gingerbread, which continues to control a significant portion Android ecosystem with 24.1 percent share. Google is hoping to change this with KitKat, which can run perfectly on device with RAM as low as 512MB.

Only other significant Android version is Ice Cream Sandwich, which is present on 18.6 percent devices, down 1.2 percent from last month.

As these are the last Android platform numbers to be released this year, 2014 will show if Google is able to succeed with KitKat in removing smartphone makers’ reliance on Gingerbread for ultra-cheap Android devices.

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