XOLO Q700 to get Android 4.4 KitKat update (Update: No update coming)

XOLO Q700 KitKat update plansUpdate: Turns out the information provided by XOLO team on its Facebook page is incorrect and Q700 will not be getting KItKat update. We were just contacted by XOLO PR team, which has confirmed that no update will be arriving for Q700.

Earlier: XOLO has revealed that it plans to update its Q700 smartphone to Android 4.4 KitKat in the next one and half months. The company made this statement during its Tech Tuesday discussion on Facebook.

XOLO has not shared any other details about the update but we should be hearing more from the company in the coming days. The company has also stated that XOLO Q800 or A700 won’t be getting KitKat update.

As we are on the topic of updates, XOLO has also revealed details regarding some of the upcoming updates for several of its devices.

  • XOLO A700: No updates planned at this point
  • XOLO Q1000S: An update with bug-fixes coming soon
  • XOLO Q800: Android 4.2 update incoming

Back to Q700, the smartphone was originally introduced in May 2013 with Android 4.2 on-board and has already got the Android 4.2.1 update. With the update to Android 4.4, it will probably be the first smartphone from XOLO to get so much software love.

Thanks Prathamesh


    • What is the confusion here? There are two comments from XOLO, one for Q700 and other for Q800.. Check again.. Anyways, XOLO has now told us that Q700 won’t be getting Android 4.4 and the Facebook comment by their social team is wrong..


  1. As there is lot of FUD about this XOLO’s Kitkat upgrade, I am posting a screen shot of their reply made on Dec17.

    It is very sad that they are not giving any OS upgrades to the existing models 😥


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