ZTE smartwatch coming in Q2 2014, to be China-exclusive initially

ZTE LogoZTE’s head of handset marketing Lv Qianhao has told Wall Street Journal that ZTE will indeed be releasing a smartwatch next year, as reported by Financial Times recently. According to Lv, the smartwatch will be announced in the Q1, 2014 but will become available in Q2.

Qianhao also revealed that ZTE wants to keep the price of its smartwatch down as they are planning to target the mainstream users and not the niche segment. It will come with features similar to Galaxy Gear and be compatible with ZTE smartphones, Qianhao added.

“The upcoming ZTE smartwatch, which doesn’t have an official name yet, will only be compatible with its own smartphones, but the company may consider releasing other smartwatches in the future that will work with all Android smartphones from any brands,” WSJ noted in its report.

Lv Qianhao says that their upcoming unnamed smartwatch should help make ZTE’s smartphones more attractive among consumers. He also stated that ZTE plans to sell the smartwatch in the home-market (China) initially but will gradually enter European and US markets.

With almost every smartphone maker and consumer electronics firm entering the smartwatch arena next year, it will be an interesting space to watch out for.

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