Facebook for Android test build reveals upcoming design revamp

Upcoming Facebook for Android UI revampFacebook is testing a new user-interface for its official Android app, which might be released in the future. Folks at Android Police got hold of a test build of Facebook for Android app and it has revealed this upcoming UI-revamp.

As you can see there are quite a few changes and most of things and sections have been moved around. Facebook has also let go for the hamburger (or slide-out) navigation. Compose links for status, photo and check-in have been moved to bottom from top.

As this particular design hasn’t even made it to the Alpha or beta-testers of Facebook for Android app, it might take some time to arrive. It could also be scrapped altogether as the companies tend to play around with a lot of designs and most of them are chucked out in the end.

You can grab the APK of this test version from the source but keep in mind that the app is asking a lot of new permissions.

Check out more screenshots from the test build below.

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