HTC launches Mini+, Fetch and Power Flip Case accessories in India

New HTC AccessoriesIn addition to the One Max, HTC has also introduced three new smartphone accessories in the Indian market today. These accessories are Mini+, Fetch and Power Flip case.

HTC Mini+: It is a companion device for HTC’s 2013 Android phones. You can use it to take calls, get notifications of texts, events, and emails, or even operate it as a remote camera control and TV remote control. In addition, Mini+ comes with a built-in laser pointer and slideshow remote control capability, which can come in handy during presentations.

Price: INR 7,790

HTC Fetch: Do you often lose your phone at home or place of work then HTC Fetch is for you. Just press the button and Fetch activates your phone’s ringtone within 15 meters. It also gives warning beep if you leave it behind. If you lose both phone and Fetch, you can locate the devices on a map.

Price: INR 2,399

Power Flip Case: It works as a dual-purpose case, which can provide protection and also give extra battery with 1,150 mAh power.

Price: INR 5,999

All three accessories will be available in the coming days.


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