Samsung Galaxy Gear sales over 800,000 units: Report

Samsung Galaxy GearUpdate: A Reuters report has now revealed the global sales numbers of Samsung Galaxy Gear. Reuters claims to have obtained these numbers directly from Samsung, which notes that it has sold (shipped?) 800,000 units of Galaxy Gear since its release.

Samsung has also revealed that it plans more promotion to drive the sales of Galaxy Gear in the coming months.

Earlier: An unconfirmed report from South Korea indicates that Galaxy Gear sales have been disappointing and Samsung is just being able to sell around 800-900 units per day in the local market (not globally as is being reported elsewhere).

The total domestic sales of Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which went on sale around in late-September in the country, are around 50,000 units.

To put this number in perspective, the Pebble smartwatch got around 275,000 pre-orders globally (including KickStarter backers).

Given the limited functionality, limited hardware compatibility and being the first-generation product, these sales numbers for Gear aren’t actually surprising. One can’t expect a product like Galaxy Gear amassing 500,000-1 million sales in just over a month in one country.

In related news, Samsung’s another product Galaxy Round has also met similar fate in the Korean market. According to Business Korea, the total sales of Galaxy Round are just around 10,000 units.

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