Asus to introduce MeMoFone at CES 2014, to be targeted at emerging markets

Asus logoAsus CEO Jerry Shen has revealed that the company is aiming to ship 5 million smartphones next year and will be introducing several new devices at the CES 2014 trade fair. One of these devices will be MeMoFone, a budget smartphone targeted to emerging markets like India, Russia, China, Brazil and South-East Asia.

Not many details are available at this point but as per an old Asus roadmap, the phone will be dubbed as MeMoFone HD 5, suggesting that it will pack a 5-inch HD display. Among other specifications, we can expect to see an Intel or MediaTek processor and Android 4.3 or 4.4.

Asus’ 2014 ambitions are not just limited to smartphones; the company is also thinking about its tablet future. As per rumours, the next Nexus 7 tablet isn’t going to be made by Asus and the company has already started focussing on its self-branded tablets.

According to Shen, Asus is hoping to ship 12 million self-branded tablets next year.

Coming to Chromebooks, we already know Asus is going to launch a Haswell-powered Chromebook in the coming months. Now, the company CEO has revealed that Asus will introduce 11.6- and 13.3-inch Chromebook models in early-2014 and these will be priced around $249. We are hoping to hear more on Asus’ upcoming devices at CES 2014.

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