Jolla to pre-load Yandex’s Android app store on its phones

Yandex.StoreFinnish start-up Jolla has announced that it will be pre-loading Yandex.Store, an Android appstore from Russian Internet giant Yandex, on its Android devices.  As Jolla’s Sailfish OS can run Android applications, the Yandex.Store will provide Jolla smartphone buyers an opportunity to get Android application directly on the phone.

“Jolla’s strategy is always to work with the most respectable service partners in specific markets and create longterm strategic partnerships. We analysed a number of alternative Android app stores to use for our first markets in Europe, and quickly found out that Yandex’s offer is very competitive and that they are very interested in developing their app store together with us for the needs of Sailfish customers”, says Jolla CEO, Tomi Pienimäki.

Yandex.Store currently houses around 8,5000 Android applications includes the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and WeChat.  Given the fact that Google isn’t probably going to license Google Play for other platforms, Yandex.Store seems like a decent option for Jolla. The company could also have chosen Amazon Appstore, which offers around 130,000 Android apps, but they probably got a better deal from Yandex.

To remind you, the first Sailfish OS device is expected to ship by the end of 2013 on Finnish telecom operator DNA.

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