LG V510 may very well be Nexus 8 tablet [Exclusive]

LG V510 Nexus 8Around a week ago an LG V510 tablet appeared on Bluetooth SIG website, which many thought was LG-built Nexus 8 tablet but there was no proof to confirm the same.

Well, now we have found some credible evidence in that Bluetooth SIG listing, which suggests that LG V510 might really be the Nexus 8 tablet. So, what is it?

Well, as you would know Google recently introduced Android 4.4 KitKat, which includes support for Bluetooth HID over GATT (HOGP) but we didn’t know this a week ago when the LG V510 Bluetooth SIG listing was first found. Now, when we looked at V510 listing once again, we spotted that it supports Bluetooth HID over GATT (HOGP), which would be very improbable for a device that does not come with Android 4.4 because the previous Android versions didn’t simply support this Bluetooth profile.

LG V510 Nexus 8

At this point only Nexus devices have Android 4.4 or will get in a few days or there is very little chance that a manufacturer already a device at certification stage which comes with Android 4.4 and is not a Nexus device as 4.4 was announced just a few days ago.

Also, LG V510 is said to be a variant of LG V500 G Pad 8.3 but V500 does not support HOGP. It is a very similar case to Nexus 5 D820/D821 and LG G2 D802, where the former is said to be a variant of the latter but latter does not support HOGP but the former does because it comes with Android 4.4.

So, this is why we think that LG V510 could very well be Nexus 8 tablet. There are no other details available at this point but we could expect to see specifications similar to LG G Pad 8.3 in Nexus 8, like 1920x1200p display, Snapdragon 600 processor, and 2GB of RAM.

Alleged Nexus 8 pic spotted on Android.com

In related news, an eagle-eyed The Verge forum member spotted an image of an unannounced Android tablet on official Android website and it seems to be the Nexus 8 tablet. Google accidentally or intentionally did the same with Nexus 5 when It was spotted in Android KitKat statue unveiling video.

While we can’t be certain that it is indeed Nexus 8 but as we have just talked about the existence of Nexus 8 tablet, it could indeed turn out to be Nexus 8.

LG V510 Nexus 8


  1. But wouldn’t LG be shooting itself in the foot with a Nexus 8 release? Same specs as the G Pad 8.3, kinda same design, but with the Nexus brand on it, making it even more apealing to the public than it’s own tablet? I really hope there will be a Nexus 8, although I hope they throw in a Snapdragon 800 to sweeten the deal.


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