Motorola reveals Android 4.4 update plans, Moto X & new Droids included

Moto XMotorola has refreshed its update portal, which can be used to check whether your Motorola device will be getting Android 4.4 update or not. We gave it a quick spin and found that Moto X and the new Droid smartphones are sure to get the update, while the update plans for other smartphones remain to be decided.

Motorola also seems to be skipping Android 4.3 and jumping directly to Android 4.4, which is good because 4.3 is not a big update over 4.2 but 4.4 surely brings a lot more improvements and new features.

Google-owned Motorola is the second Android manufacturer after HTC to reveal the devices, which will get KitKat. We are still waiting to hear from other manufacturers.

To remind you, Android 4.4 KitKat brings new immersive mode, multi-tasking improvements, updated core apps, smarter caller ID, Google Cloud Print support, and more. You can check the full list of Android 4.4 changes in this report.

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