Google details upcoming SMS changes as a part of Android 4.4 Kitkat

SMS in AndroidAndroid users will soon be able to use third-party applications as their default SMS/ MMS app officially.  Google earlier today revealed that the next platform update version 4.4 Kitkit will bring a fully supported set of APIs to achieve this.

I am sure some of you already use one or the other third-party app as your default SMS app on your Android device and thus, are wondering – what is Google talking about. Well, right now all third-party SMS/ MMS apps use some hidden APIs to allow their app to become default messaging app but Google apparently discourages this because hidden APIs may be changed or removed. So, the search giant has now decided to make it all official and give proper APIs to handle SMS related actions.

This comes at a time when we are hearing rumours that Google might planning to build SMS/ MMS support directly in its Hangouts app. So, probably while integrating SMS into Hangouts, Google realised that there was officially no way to do it, and thus decided to bring APIs to support such features.

App developers can read more about using these APIs and other details in the official blog post.

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