Motorola reportedly working on 6.3-inch smartphone called “XPlay”

New Motorola LogoWith almost every other Android manufacturer already churning out the so-called phablets, it is the turn of Google-owned Motorola now to make one. According to a Weibo user, Motorola is reportedly working on a smartphone with 6.3-inch display and it will be called Motorola XPlay.

Other details about this upcoming smartphone are a mystery right now but the same user has also revealed that Motorola is working on the successor to the company’s Droid Ultra smartphone as well and it is code-named Quantum. No word on the Quantum specs too.

Probably a competitor to Samsung’s Mega-series phones, do you think there is a future for devices like Motorola XPlay? Let us know in comments.

In related news, the budget variant of Moto X is back and this time, we have some new details about the phone. The same Weibo user, who has revealed information about XPlay and Quantum, has stated that DVX will come with 4.5-inch display of unknown resolution. The phone will also come with X8 chip system from Motorola, which is used in all new Motorola smartphones, dual-SIM support, removable back cover and several colour options.

Motorola DV X will sell for around $195-$245, the user added.


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