Hangouts rumoured to be getting SMS/ MMS integration

Hangouts SMS integration Google seems to be planning to integrate SMS and MMS in the company’s Hangouts Android app. According to a report in Android Police, the upcoming version 1.3 of the Hangouts app will bring the SMS/ MMS integration.

There is no word on when this new version will be released but it could be announced alongside Android 4.4 KitKat and new Nexus smartphone.

AP also notes that apart from SMS integration Hangouts app will also be getting support for video sharing via Hangouts protocol in the upcoming version.

Coming to back to the SMS/ MMS integration, the messages sent via SMS or MMS will carry the via SMS/ MMS message next to the timestamp. The users will also be able to request delivery reports like in stock SMS app.

As per two leaked screenshots showing the SMS/ MMS integration, the feature seems to be optional. So, if you don’t want to mix you text messages in Hangouts, you will be able to keep them separate.

There are no other details available right now but we are keeping an eye out and will update if anything new pops up.

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