Google now accepting submissions for Google Glass apps

Google has revealed that it is now accepting submissions for apps made for Google Glass also known as Glassware. Developers, who have been working on such apps, can check out the launch checklist for glassware and other details at this link and then can submit their apps to appear on MyGlass.


There is no word on when these submitted apps will go live or when Google Glass is exactly going to be available for public but Google wants to be ready with everything.

To remind you, Google Glass is currently available to developers who registered for the device at the last year’s Google I/O and select other people, who seem to have got the Google Glass directly from Google, mostly celebrities.

Google had also organised a contest on Twitter and Google+ for selecting consumers, who will have early access to Google Glass but despite some reports that the company had started sending Glass to the winners of this contest, we are yet to see any credible report of any #ifihadglass winners actually getting Google Glass.

One comment

  1. Are you kidding? I got mine through #ifihadglass, and there are people all over Twitter and G+ who got theirs as well. In fact, I think that all #ifihadglass winners who opted to make the purchase have done so and gotten their units. If you haven’t any reports of this, then you haven’t looked.


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