LG’s 6-inch curved display smartphone to be called G Flex: WSJ

LG G FlexWe have known for a while that in addition to Samsung, LG has also been working on a curved display smartphone. Now, a report from Wall Street Journal claims that this smartphone will be launched in November.

The news publication also reports that the phone will be dubbed as LG G Flex, same as was reported by CNET some hours ago. Both CNET and WSJ have published alleged sketches of this upcoming smartphone from LG.

These sketches show that the phone will come with slightly curved screen, similar Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus but more curved. The phone is reportedly using a six-inch plastic flexible OLED display.

“For the Flex’s curved display, LG employed what the company refers to as a “plastic OLED” screen, using materials that are more flexible than conventional liquid-crystal-display screens,” WSJ noted in its report.

Other details about the phone are not available at this moment but some previous reports from South Korea, which had pegged the phone’s name as LG Z, suggested that this curved display phone will come with Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and other high-end specifications.

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