Focal camera app no longer part of CyanogenMod

Focal CameraLooks like, we have the first falling out of CyanogenMod becoming a company. The Focal camera, which was unveiled not so long ago with much-fanfare, is no longer a part of CM. It was removed from CM code base earlier today and the same has been confirmed by Cyanogen Inc. CTO Steve Kondik.

Apparently, the creator of Focal app Guillaume Lesniak (also known as xplodwild) was not happy with the recent change and was worried about the dual-licensing considering that ROM would be going commercial in the future.

“I spoke with Xplod at length about this. I think Focal is a great piece of work with huge potential, but there’s now this perception that CM is trying to steal his hard work and run with it. I would rather see him continue this as a standalone project (which will no doubt be successful) rather than continue to generate drama in the community,” said Steve Kondik in a comment while removing Focal from CM codebase.

There is no word on the future of the Focal camera app or which app would be taking the place of Focal in CM. Lesniak could always move his development to other popular ROMs like Paranoid or AOKP or release it as an standalone app in Google Play.

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