BBM for Android coming on Sep 20, says Samsung Nigeria

Samsung’s African mobile arms have been very vocal about BlackBerry Messenger for Android. In fact, it was Samsung Africa that first said that Samsung will be releasing BBM for Android in Samsung apps.


Now, Samsung Mobile Nigeria has stated in a tweet that BBM for Android is coming on September 20, i.e. Friday. Part of the tweet has turned out to be false, which claimed that Samsung will have exclusive access to BBM for Android for three months. BlackBerry has told Android Central in statement that BBM will not be exclusive to any manufacturer or telecom operator and will go live for all users worldwide.

Here is the full statement from BlackBerry:

The tweet, though very exciting, is incorrect … I want to clarify that no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM. We’ll be bringing the app to Android and iPhone users across the globe soon.

As BlackBerry is yet to announce any fixed date for the BBM for Android release and even in this statement they have carefully skipped the release date part, we are getting our hopes high, however considering the leaks in the last few days, it is very likely that we will finally see the release of BBM for Android on September 20.

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