Nexus 4 8GB goes out of stock on US Google Play, won’t return

Nexus 4 at Google PlayFollowing the recent price-cut, Nexus 4 8GB variant has gone out of stock on Google Play in the United States. While, the 16GB version remain on sale for $249, Google has told The Verge that it does not plan to re-stock the 8GB version. So, until the next Nexus smartphone is announced in the next month or two, consumers will only have the option to grab the 16GB version.

The Verge also speculates that Google is likely to keep 8GB version in other Google Play country stores as long as the current stocks last, following which it is only the 16GB variants in other countries too.

Announced last year in October, Google Nexus 4 is manufactured by LG. To remind you, it features 4.7-inch HD display, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 8MP rear camera, Android 4.3, and 2GB of RAM.


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