HTC working on a new smartphone operating system: Report

HTC LogoTaiwanese manufacturer HTC is reportedly building its own smartphone operating system that will be targeted to the Chinese consumers. According to a report in Wall Street Journal, it is unclear at this moment whether the new operating system will be based on Android code or a proprietary OS.

Given the not so great financial state of HTC and the risks involved in creating an entire ecosystem around a new operating system, the company is likely to build something atop Android like others in China.

WSJ notes that the development of the new OS is being closely monitored by HTC Chairwoman Cher Wong. The OS will have deep integration with Chinese specific applications and website like Weibo, the publication adds.

The company has also started testing devices based on the new operating system and some prototypes have even been sent to the Chinese officials.

The OS specific details are unknown at this point but WSJ notes that it will launch before the end-of-2013.

Even after the availability of Android as an open source operating system, manufacturers have tried to come with new operating systems to lessen their dependence on Google and HTC’s step is nothing new.

With smartphone market nearing saturation in western countries, China has emerged as the next big opportunity for the mobile phone companies, but with the likes of Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei and ZTE already dominating the Chinese market, it is not going to be an easy road.

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