Samsung Galaxy Note III to start shipping next month: Report

A person uses the Galaxy Note II after a news conference announcing Samsung's update to its phone-tablet hybrid in New York
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Samsung is planning to start shipping the next-generation Galaxy Note model soon after the announcement on September 4, reports SamMobile. According to the website, the first countries will get Galaxy Note III in the stores almost immediately after the unveiling, sometime between September 4 and 8.

There is no way to independently verify this claim of SamMobile, but the site has normally been accurate with this kind of information in the past, so we are inclined to believe them.

SamMobile also notes that Samsung is dropping the 16GB model and only 32GB and 64GB versions of Galaxy Note 3 will be sold around the world. This is certainly a welcome move considering over half of the 16GB storage in Samsung Android devices is taken by the software.

Samsung Galaxy Gear to become available in October

In related news, SamMobile is also reporting that Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch will go on sale beginning October (first week to be precise). The specifications of this device are largely a mystery but a random rumour recently suggested that Galaxy Gear might come with Exynos 4212 dual core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 1.67-inch 320×320p AMOLED display and 2MP camera.

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