Android 4.3 brings TRIM support to Nexus devices

Android 4.3 Jelly BeanLooks like Google has decided to fix the sluggish performance woes of the Nexus device users. It has been reported many times in the past that Nexus devices tend to get sluggish over time but the just launched Android 4.3 has a solution for that.

According to a report in Anandtech, they have discovered the Android 4.3 update for Nexus devices brings TRIM support. TRIM is basically a command that allows OS to inform the storage controller which blocks are data are no longer in use and can be wiped internally. In the absence of TRIM command, storage controller continues to treat these blocks as valid data and here is how it impacts the performance of NAND storage.

“There’s a data structure used by the eMMC controller that tracks mapping logical locations to physical locations in NAND. The more complex that mapping becomes, and the more locations that have to be tracked, the slower internal NAND management works,” notes AnandTech.

As TRIM was not enabled in the previous iterations of Android, the result was the performance degradation after months of usage.

Once, you have updated your Nexus device; TRIM will notify storage controller about garbage collection every 24 hours depending on your usage pattern.

As this change is a part of AOSP, it should reach other Android devices as well in the future as they get upgraded to Android 4.3 unless the manufacturer has not included the same on its own.

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