Android 4.3 source hitting AOSP today, factory images for Nexus devices now live

Android 4.3Google is going pretty fast with Android 4.3. The company has revealed that the source code of the newly announced Android 4.3 will reach AOSP today and also the factory images and binaries for Nexus devices are now live in Google Developers portal.

“Google Airlines welcomes you on the ground in Android International Open Source Airport Project. The local time is exactly 4:30 pm. We will be taxiing for a few minutes to our gate JSS15J while ground support guides us to the public git server. We hope that you had a pleasant flight and we welcome you to Jelly Bean, or that you have a conflict-free rebase while connecting to your final version,” Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru wrote in Android Building Google Group.

While, the source code is primarily important for manufacturers and custom ROM developers, normal to advanced users can use the factory images to flash their Nexus devices like Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 to the latest Android version.  It is important to note here is that flashing factory images wipes your user data, so make sure to make a backup.

Anyways, to remind you, the OTA roll-out also begins today, so it is easier to rather for the over-the-air update.

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