Price-cuts: HP Slate 7 in US, Amazon Kindle Fire HD in UK & Europe

Amazon Kindle Fire HD and HP Slate 7Over the last few hours, HP and Amazon have reduced the prices of their 7-inch Android tablets in US and UK respectively. While, HP Slate 7 is now retailing for $140 in US, $30 below its previous price, Amazon Kindle Fire HD is available for 139 GBP in UK and 169 euros in various European countries.

The recent drop in Nook HD prices in both US and UK can be attributed to these Kindle Fire HD price-cuts but Nook HD is not sold in European countries, so why the reduction Kindle Fire HD price there? Probably, because Kindle Fire HD is no longer a fresh tablet and its specifications are not in sync with the current standards, which would have impacted the sales. So to revive sales, Amazon has decided to cut 20 GBP from UK price and 30 euros from European pricing of the tablet.

On the other hand, HP Slate 7 price cut seems totally in the reply of Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD price-reductions. HP can’t compete with Nexus 7 at $199 and Nook HD and Kindle Fire HD at $129 and $169 respectively unless it reduces the price of Slate 7.

Here are the links to buy these tablets:

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