Sony SmartWatch successor coming at Mobile Asia Expo?

If the recent few tweets from official Sony Mobile twitter account are any indication, this Japanese manufacturer is planning to introduce its next-gen SmartWatch at the Mobile Asia Expo (MAE) in Shanghai.

Given the recent interest shown by consumer electronics giants as well as hardware newbies like Google in Smart Watch concept, there is no reason why Sony would want to be left behind. After all, smart wearables are the next big thing, right? Or, at least that is what these companies believe.

Sony already sells one Android-compatible SmartWatch across the globe, which it recently threw open for the world of developers to mess around.

There are no details right now about this upcoming next-generation SmartWatch from Sony but we believe it will be running on some sort of Android version with deeper integration with smartphones.

Anyways, Mobile Asia Expo 2013 begins on June 26 (runs up to June 28), so we would soon know all the details.

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